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Sara Svelander

Bring more mindfulness and
awareness into your life



Ett med naturen

Ett med naturen


"What do we gain by educating our staff in presence and stress management?"

Happier employees

Staff who enjoy their workplace want to stay

 Reduced costs

Mental well-being generates more money for the company

More positive energy

More joy leads to more positive energy throughout the team

Increased results and focus

If we can manage stress, we can increase our focus, leading to better results

Research shows that people who live more in the present moment are happier!

I suspect that you feel that the schedule is packed and the stress is pressing. The question is, do you appreciate and have time to enjoy the days? And above all, are you ready to create a change?

Let me take you on a journey to release you from stress and boost your results, without needing to slow down.


of Swedes feel stressed due to high workload.

Research shows that stress accounts for about half of all lost workdays. Job demands make employees stressed. In addition to mental health issues, workers exposed to prolonged stress may also develop physical health problems such as cardiovascular diseases or musculoskeletal injuries

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