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Sara Svelander

Awareness expert
Bring more mindfulness and awareness into your life



Sara has several years of experience lecturing. She helps individuals and businesses to get grounded. Sara is a meditation and breathing coach who is an expert in boosting harmony, increasing a company's ability to handle stress, and improving their results. Since 2016, Sara has coached, inspired, and lectured on stress management and presence



By grounding ourselves in the body, we improve focus and concentration, helping to gain control over both body and mind. Yoga creates conditions for experiencing peace and happiness, brings more focus to your work life and everyday life, and helps you steer yourself in the direction you want.

Sara began practicing yoga 14 years ago and have been instructing for 9 years. Education: 400h Vinyasa, 200h Hatha, 50h Yin Yoga, and 50h Restorative Yoga. 

Also; breathcoach: 50h and breathwork guide: 300h



Sara is the author of the book; 

"One with Nature." She also has an upcoming book, set to be released in the fall of 2024. The common themes of the books are how we can find our way home to ourselves, mindful presence, joy and natural healing.



Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present and engaged in the moment. It helps reduce stress, improve focus, and enhance emotional regulation. By incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine, you can cultivate a greater sense of calm, clarity, and overall well-being. Techniques include mindful breathing, meditation, body-scanning, all aimed at bringing your attention to the present moment.

Therapy Sessions
Sara Svelander

Sara is an awareness expert helping companies and individuals grow in their mental wellness. She specializes in mindfulness, stress management, yoga, and breathwork.

She is also an author and public speaker.

Education & Experiences:

Health coach, breathing coach, breathwork guide, yoga and meditation instructor. Nutritional advisor. Couples and sex counselor.

Lecture course and rhetoric

About me

I constantly strive to develop myself and help others discover life's possibilities and create balance in their lives. The journey of learning from others also continues. From my previous experiences, education, and knowledge, I have created a platform where I aim to provide knowledge, experiences, and guidance. I advocate for a natural lifestyle and consider several factors that affect you and your health, such as exercise, diet, sleep, breathing, recovery, emotional management, and your environment.


Below there is two suggestions. Lectures can be given in English or Swedish. 

Duration: 1h of presence, or designed according to preferences.

Time savings: reduced sick leave, fewer absences, missed meetings, avoided business failures, clearer thinking, and minimized conflicts.

 You can also find me at the lecture agency Booky:


Here to live

Did you know that 47% of our lifetime we are not present? That means nearly half of your lifetime you are lost in your thoughts and what is today the biggest threat to our health, stress.

Are you ready to develop the company and strengthen the entire work team? It's time to become more present and start living.


One with nature

Nature provides you with signs to find your way home; she calls to you time and time again. Be humble and sincere. As you approach her, she has many secrets to share with you. I hope you can find your way home too.

-Sara Brinell Svelander


Published books

Skärmavbild 2024-05-20 kl. 15.54.27.png
Ett med naturen

The book is only available in Swedish

The upcoming book will be released in the fall of 2024.
Yoga & Mindfulness

I design the sessions according to the group's abilities and needs, which can range from playful, dynamic, and physically challenging classes to more serene yoga sessions.


The aim is to create the best yoga experience specifically tailored to the unique group of individuals who are participating, whether individually or as a group.

If the group desires, sessions can also focus solely on mindfulness or meditation.

Works digitally as well.

Yoga for everyone

​Time by request, recommend 30-75 minutes. Suitable for all levels, regardless of previous experience.

Private class

1:1 session, time by request.

We base it on your preferences, needs, and level.


Selection of previous clients:

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