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Are you ready to develop the company and strengthen the entire work team?

Sara helps individuals and businesses to get grounded. She is a meditation and breathing coach who is an expert in boosting harmony, increasing the company's ability to handle stress, and improving their results. Since 2016, Sara has coached, inspired, and lectured on stress management and presence.

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Here to live

Duration: 60 minutes of presence

Time savings: sick leave, absence, missed meetings, failed businesses, brain fog, and unnecessary conflicts.

How many of you have been stressed in the past few days? Weeks? Months? Years? Your whole life?

Where do we spend the majority of our days? At work.

We all know that breathing keeps us alive. But have you really learned how to use it much deeper than that, resulting in increased quality of life and presence? Did you know that 47% of our lifetime we are not present? That means nearly half of your lifetime you are lost in your thoughts and what is today the biggest threat to our health, stress. When you are aware, you choose to make your choices in safety, giving yourself and your environment the best conditions. The breath keeps you alive, but the question is whether you are aware of your breath, that you are living and enjoying the journey? Through a breadth of knowledge from education and also personal experiences of mental illness, burnout, and grief processes, Sara shares tricks and tools that provide motivation and joy of life, where the greatest tool is the breath.

Swedish or English

 You can also find me at the lecture agency Booky:


Selection of previous clients:

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