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Breathwork class in group or individual coaching.

At your workplace, a location in Östermalm, or digitally.

Helps you grow as an individual and also as a group.

For who? Everyone!



-After work events

-Bachelor parties

-Friends groups


How can it help?

-Sleep difficulties

-Anxiety and worry

-Balancing the nervous system & hormonal system

-Emotional blocks

-Physical pain

-Creating a sense of security

-Reducing stress

People practice breathing exercises to improve mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. The effects are manifold, but we can primarily see improvements in emotional state and reductions in levels of stress and anxiety. It also aids in positive development, strengthens the immune system, reduces pain and tension in the body, increases happiness, and releases negative thoughts. Breathwork is also used to help improve a wide range of issues, including anger, depression, trauma, burnout, and stress. See how you can become more aware and improve your health with the help of your breath.

The only tool you need is your own breath.

See how with simple breathing techniques, you can transition from a state of stress to calmness in just a few minutes. Or how you can shift from feeling tired to clearer in the mind and more focused.

Don't hesitate to contact me to learn more.

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"For me, breathwork was an incredibly powerful physical and emotional experience, where I got to experience how I could strengthen and affect my body in different ways through breathing. It was an eye-opener for me to realize how much of a difference it makes when you focus on your breathing and find deep breaths. Also powerful how it released a lot of emotions." - Viktoria Falk

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