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Yoga & Meditation

I began practicing yoga 14 years ago and have been instructing for 9 years. Education: 200h Vinyasa, 200h Hatha, 50h Yin Yoga, and 50h Restorative Yoga. Over the years as an instructor, I have explored various forms of yoga and continue to constantly explore and learn more.

I tailor sessions according to the group's abilities and needs, which can range from playful, dynamic, physically challenging classes to more serene yoga sessions. The aim is to create the best yoga experience tailored specifically to the unique group of individuals who are experiencing it, either individually or as a group. Or if the group desires solely meditation. We strive to synchronize breath and physical movement. By grounding ourselves in the body, we improve focus and concentration, helping to gain control over body and mind. Yoga creates conditions for experiencing peace and happiness, brings more focus to your work life and everyday life, and helps you steer yourself in the direction you want.

I also offer personal training yoga.

At your workplace, a location in Östermalm, or digitally. Duration: as desired, 30-120 minutes.


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